At a Glance

Shaping the future

Anyone wanting to succeed cannot rest on their achievements when it comes to development. Munich Airport is already preparing for future challenges by purposefully expanding its infrastructure, by adapting its HR strategy to suit demographic change, and by implementing intelligent digital solutions.

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Letter from the Executive Board

This year’s integrated report is very deliberately focused on the topic of «shaping the future». With that we want to show that we are actively engaging with the three major challenges currently facing Munich Airport.

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In order to continue its success story into the future, Munich Airport has started work on a number of building sites.

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Key figures

Munich Airport key figures at a glance

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Integrated reporting

Integrated thinking has been a matter of course at Munich Airport for many years now. The Group increasingly makes its strategic decisions, following consideration of all material resources: finances, employees, expertise, environment, infrastructure, and society.

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Business model

In the four business units, different products and services are generated (output). The value added process is based on six forms of capital (input), that the airport uses to generate new values. This is the basis for the next fiscal year (outcome).

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The Capitals

The capitals at Munich Airport at a glance.

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