At a GlanceIntegrated reporting

Integrated thinking, responsible action

Integrated thinking has been a matter of course at Munich Airport for many years now. The Group increasingly makes its strategic decisions, following consideration of all material resources: finances, employees, expertise, environment, infrastructure, and society. This sustainable management approach requires the networking of various divisions – and thus agility and efficiency – within the company.

Integrated action as a logical continuation of integrated thinking starts with the identification of key performance indicators that serve as the basis for the operative and strategic alignment. Ultimately higher quality decisions become evident leading to sustainable company success.

Integrated thinking and action also form the basis for integrated reporting. This offers an holistic and farsighted description of the business activity of a company. This year’s integrated report is Munich Airport’s ninth; an annual balance sheet of its responsible activities, in the form of a comprehensive online version and an abridged print version. In terms of its integrated reporting, Munich Airport is guided by the framework concept of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and shows the key activities with which it is creating its short-, medium-, and long-term financial and non-financial value.

Creating value

As part of its day-to-day business, every company has an impact on a wide array of stakeholders, as well as on internal and external factors. In order to present these qualitative and quantitative interactions of the business model, Munich Airport has defined for itself the six forms of capital of the IIRC, which represent the basis of its business activity. Using the changes in the forms of capital, the airport can demonstrate key cause-and-effect relationships as well as value added and impairment. Compact tables explain how important projects and key topics of fiscal year 2018 impact on the capitals.