Environmental and climate protection

The very nature of major transport infrastructure means it also negatively impacts the environment. Munich Airport therefore pursues an environ-mental program that is as ambitious as it is innovative, going far beyond legal requirements and industry standards. It is continuing to even further advance its role as a pioneer: Munich will become Germany’s first airport with climate-neutral operations, and will do so by 2030.

Climate protection strategy

The climate-policy goals are developing quickly, and FMG’s standards are high. These two parameters are the foundations of Munich Airport’s climate goal: From 2030, the airport will be carbon-neutral – the first German airport ever to be so.

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Resource management

Munich Airport uses natural resources considerately, and with a sense of responsibility toward future generations. Respectful exchange with the stakeholder groups is thus of major importance – including in relation to the topic of environmental management.

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Noise protection

The main regulations for the aviation industry are defined on an international level. Under the umbrella organization that is the United Nations, the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) deals with the issue of reducing aircraft noise.

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To integrate Munich Airport into its environment in the best possible way, FMG set about - from the very outset - creating structures that would upgrade the environment in the wider area and link it together.

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Proportion of reuse has increased

Recycling rate waste

Carbon-neutral operation of the
airport by 2030

Efficient use of drinking water
(per 1,000 traffic units)

19,8 liters 21,0 liters 2017 2018