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Successful positioning of Munich Airport as a real estate location

The Real Estate business division develops, markets, and operates FMG’s property and real estate, some of which is located outside of the airport campus. Sustainable new-build concepts and city-style infrastructure form the basis for successful positioning on the market. Munich Airport is currently planning a wealth of new, converted and replacement buildings for the coming years, which the Real Estate business division will coordinate.

Developments at AirSite West

AirSite West is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation: On the area in the west of the airport, new offices, a logistics center, a budget hotel, and a tradesman building are gradually being built. The first office building is already complete; it has been standing in the Nordallee since August 2018. Right next door, the new, larger BMW Service Center is to open its doors in spring 2019. As the buildings go up, the road infrastructure is also changing. In August 2018, works started on a large bridge, which will span the main access to the airport and connect the Nordallee to the maintenance area. Commissioning of this traffic node is scheduled for 2021. In the maintenance area, building preparations began in 2018 for a taxi fleet area, a temporary parking area for rental cars, and a supply tunnel under the road. The entire investment volume for AirSite West is around 700 million euros.

The airport as a real estate location - central axes

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MAC including the Forum is to be redesigned

FMG plans to redesign parts of the München Airport Centers and the MAC Forum. The focus is currently on replacing the technical building equipment so that the architectural appearance can then be redesigned.

New apartment building for employees opens

FMG supports applicants and employees with their search for accommodation in the overstretched housing market of the region. In July 2018, the first renters moved into new employee accommodation in a property in Effnerstraße in Munich. The building comprises 46 furnished one- and two-bedroom apartments in the medium price segment. A company agreement regulates who receives access to the apartments and the criteria to be applied.

Ambitious targets for sustainable construction

Munich Airport pursues the principles of sustainable construction, focusing in particular on ecological, economic, and socio-cultural aspects. In terms of ecology, the aim is that the building itself, and then afterwards the operation of the building, should have a minimal impact on the environment through contaminants and through the consumption of resources, water and energy. Building measures can lower greenhouse gas emissions and thus contribute to the achievement of the ambitious climate protection goals. One example of this is the already implemented switch of all the apron lighting from traditional lights to LED. In the area of water management, the concept of reusing washwater in the terminals, wherever possible, is pioneering.

Ecological improvements often require significant investment initially. However, they also frequently prove to be economically sustainable too, as the operating costs fall in the long-term, when, for example, less energy is consumed. As the original Munich Airport buildings are now more than 30 years old, there is significant potential, through renovations, to improve both their ecological and economic sustainability.

The third aspect of sustainable construction is the goal of creating, through the buildings, a healthy and pleasant environment for employees and users. Here ecological issues intertwine with issues of comfort and high-quality amenities. This goal was already realized with the new building for the Real Estate division on the edge of the emerging LabCampus, which offers relaxation spaces and communications zones.