Strategy and managementGRI 102-46

Munich Airport’s corporate strategy is geared towards sustainable value creation. The company has launched an array of projects to make sure all of its stakeholders will benefit wherever possible and to protect its position as a global leader.


Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) combines sustainable economic value added with ecological and social responsibility. The airport’s business activities have a major impact on various areas and stakeholders: on Munich, Bavaria, and Germany as business locations, on the region and its inhabitants, the airport staff and passengers, as well as on other companies in and around the hub plus other stakeholder groups.

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Making an impression with quality Munich Airport is particularly well-known for the quality of the services it offers. These high standards apply across all areas – in the core business of aviation as much as in the consumer business and internal processes.

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Three major challenges

Expansion of the

Generational change
in the workforce


New connections on track

Munich Airport is Europe’s first-ever 5-star airport.

First-class ambiance and ultimate comfort A diverse range of services Exceptional hospitality Easy orientation Efficient workflows