Working environment and society

What does «Living ideas – Connecting lives» mean to the airport? It means strengthening and developing relationships between employees and businesses, and between the airport and its neighbors. «Living ideas – Connecting» lives also means communicating openly with one another and benefiting from each other. This makes the airport a strong partner for a strong region, building the basis for dedicated employees who will help to secure the company’s long-term success.

Major employer

With its 9,903 employees, Munich Airport Group is the second-largest employer at the site after Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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Human resources strategy

What factors make Munich Airport one of the most attractive employers in the region? The employer brand provides answers to this question; it is derived from the brand positioning of the company.

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Employee satisfaction and codetermination

The results of the Group-wide employee survey in autumn 2017 reflect the employees' connection to and satisfaction with the airport.

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Responsible employer

Munich Airport benefits from the diversity of its employees. It respects the cultural heritage of all of its employees, taking into account their diverse interests and needs.

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Community engagement

Munich Airport always endeavors to be a good neighbor and is very aware of its social responsibility within the region. In the past year, funds and resources were provided to more than 750 projects, which can be attributed to the airport's five sponsorship pillars: education, social affairs, sport, culture, and nature.

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Value creation

Munich Airport has regional economic impact at a number of different levels. A basic distinction is made between the effects resulting directly from airport operations on the one hand and the effects of its use on the other.

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The airport provides 25 percent of all employment relationships liable for social security contributions in the districts of Freising and Erding.

5077 million
Total Group personnel costs
(+ 5,3 %)