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The airport and its regional projects

Munich Airport always endeavors to be a good neighbor and is very aware of its social responsibility within the region. In the past year, funds and resources were provided to more than 750 projects, which can be attributed to the airport's five sponsorship pillars: education, social affairs, sport, culture, and nature. In 2018, numerous associations, in which employees themselves were active on a voluntary basis, received financial support through the «regional sponsorship of employee initiatives». Thus, for example, many voluntary fire departments were able to buy additional equipment, sports clubs were able to buy much needed training supplies, and community initiatives were promoted. In 2017, the airport launched its «NachWuchsWald» (new talent forest) project: in future, for every new-born child of an FMG employee, a tree will be planted in the Kranzberger Forest outside Freising. The next planting event is scheduled for 2019.

Munich Airport once again lent its support in 2018 to many projects aimed at promoting the personal development and talents of children and young people, and at helping them in their choice of career.

  • The «SchuleWirtschaft» working group for schools and businesses
    In the «SchuleWirtschaft» working group Flughafen München GmbH works alongside principals from local schools, regional businesses, specialist tradespeople, and representatives from employment agencies. The stated aim of this voluntary network is to make the transition from school to working life easier for young people.
  • «Jugend forscht» (youth research) at the airport
    As a mentor and one of the organizers of the regional research competition for young people «Jugend forscht – Schüler experimentieren», Munich Airport supports up-and-coming talent in the fields of mathematics, IT, the natural sciences, and technology (MINT). At the event held in February 2018 under the slogan «Spring» (jump), some 119 young inventors took part, presenting 78 projects from MINT subject areas.

The Flughafenverein – help without borders

For three years now, the Flughafenverein has borne the «DZI Seal of Approval», evidence that an association handles all of its donations carefully and responsibly. As well as making a number of anonymous donations and helping sick children’s dreams come true, the airport's charitable association also supports local young people, senior citizens, and refugees, as well as regularly taking part in projects outside Germany. For instance, it has already transported around twelve tonnes of charitable donations to Latvia, for the ninth time. In cooperation with AeroGround and FMG, the association also organized the donation and handover of three decommissioned apron buses to Ghana, Romania, and Poland last year. In summer 2018, the Flughafenverein donated medical equipment and 200 folding beds for the victims of the wildfires in Greece. An aid project near the Turkish coastal town of Ayvalik also captured hearts and minds in 2018. Families and orphans are living there under the most difficult conditions. The Munich Flughafenverein donated food and hygiene products as well as school supplies. The project will be continued in 2019. The association also continued its commitment to Ukraine, sending a truck fully loaded with hospital beds, medical equipment, and devices to the Eastern European state.