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An airport that makes an impact across the region

With its 9,903 employees 1), Munich Airport Group is the second-largest employer at the site after Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The neighboring Freising job center region, which also covers the Dachau, Ebersberg, and Erding districts, has one of the lowest levels of unemployment in Germany, at 1.9 percent on average. This corresponds to almost full employment and reflects the huge importance of Munich Airport for the regional labor market. The airport provides one in four of all employment relationships liable for social security contributions in the districts of Freising and Erding.

1) Including apprentices

Employment relationships in the Group 2)

Graphic: Employment relationships in the Group
2) Figures exclude apprentices, workers in minor employment, temporary workers, and interns.

First-class employer in the transport industry

In the latest survey by news magazine Focus, Flughafen München GmbH was named «Best employer in the transport and logistics sector» in Germany for the fourth year in a row, and ranked in the top 20 of national employers across all sectors.