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Diversity: both personal and cultural

Munich Airport benefits from the diversity of its employees. It respects the cultural heritage of all of its employees, taking into account their diverse interests and needs. Some 24 percent of Group employees come from more than 100 different countries. Most non-German employees come from Turkey, followed by Croatia and Hungary. The promotion of women to management positions is an integral feature of the HR policy. Munich Airport Group has set itself the target of successively increasing the proportion of women in these roles. In autumn 2017, individual target figures were agreed to this end, and as a follow-up deadline, a three-year period up to June 30, 2020 was defined. Women receive support at the start of their management activity, for example, via the «cross-mentoring program», in which each participant is assigned a manager from another company as a mentor for a period of one year. The aim of the «MStars» network for female FMG managers is to promote continuous exchange between professionally successful women within and outside the company. In 2018, it was possible to expand the network further, and intensify the cooperation with other companies. The first events especially for a female audience also took place, which were initiated or supported by the airport.

A flying start at the airport

Flughafen München GmbH was awarded the Deutschlandtest seal of «Top career opportunities for women» by Focus Money and Deutschland Test 2018.

Photo: Campus Airport
Employees meet and converse in the canteens on the campus.

Focusing on family and health

Group management is convinced that good performance and a family-friendly working environment are mutually dependent. FMG has for many years placed a high priority on being family friendly and has supported this with numerous offerings. Moreover, much of the airport’s work in this area aims to maintain or improve staff ability to work. The Corporate Health and Social Management (BGM) division offers a wide array of services, ranging from occupational medicine and employee catering to advice for people living in difficult circumstances. The Munich Airport Group offers a range of supplementary company benefits for a healthy work/life balance. For example, more than 700 employees utilize the offer to work up to 30 percent of their individual working hours from their home or mobile office.

The employees – facts and figures

Graphic: The employees – facts and figures

Additional offers for employees

Catering in the employee canteens

900,000 meals are served annually in the five employee canteens on the airport campus. The goal of the canteen concept is to offer employees well-balanced meal options in a pleasant environment. In 2018, the canteen in Terminal 2 was completely renovated and re-opened with the theme «Mediterranean meets Art».

Support during long periods of illness

As at January 1, 2019 a new works agreement for occupational integration management (BEM) came into effect. It regulates the processes around the voluntary procedure for employees, who were off sick for more than six weeks within a period of a year and then return to their workplace. The program counteracts future incapacity to work and contributes to maintaining employability.

«AufWind» (Ascent) musculoskeletal system program

From 2013 to 2017, 30 percent of all days missed due to illness in FMG are attributable to problems with the musculoskeletal system. For this reason, Corporate Health and Social Management implemented a holistic prevention program, aimed at reducing chronic musculoskeletal disorders, maintaining the ability to work, and thus improving productivity. As part of this program, the FMG occupational medicine service also works closely with external physiotherapists.

Further considerations for occupational safety

Shared task, shared responsibility

FMG has set itself the goal of continuously improving working conditions, and of lowering the accident and illness figures. New solutions are constantly being developed at Munich Airport, to counteract health hazards and risks in the workplace. The first Group-wide workplace safety committee meeting, held in 2018, provided the opportunity to exchange ideas, information, and opinions on cross-Group topics such as safety standards, accident prevention strategies and health care. Around 70 managers, works council members, specialists in occupational health and safety, and safety officers from the subsidiaries took part in the event.

Occupational health and safety conference at Munich Airport

A high safety level in the ground handling service is only guaranteed through close, cross-department cooperation in the area of occupational health and safety. In 2018, some 30 occupational health and safety specialists, safety officers from the subsidiaries, managers, works council members, and managers of external ground handling service companies met at the Airport Academy for an occupational health and safety conference, in order to exchange on topics like the role of managers regarding occupational health and safety, and possibilities of improvement in communication with and among workers on the apron. The aim was to identify fields of action and to derive measures together, in order to minimize hazards and avoid accidents. Another Group-wide occupational health and safety conference will be held in 2019.


One of the core tasks of the Occupational Health and Safety division is the design of ergonomic workstations. In particular, aircraft ground services staff perform challenging physical activities with a verifiably heightened risk of musculoskeletal disorders. In 2018, FMG made a number of investments in a study conducted together with the Fraunhofer Institut, on the development of an automated luggage loading system using robots. The aim is to reduce significantly the manual activities of employees in aircraft ground handling. Further concrete project steps are planned for 2019.


The Occupational Health and Safety division works closely with the Airport Academy – for example, on the development of web-based training for occupational health and safety-related topics. In 2018, the review of FMG's in-house occupational health and safety management system by the Trade Supervisory Office was of paramount importance; the certification is scheduled for 2019.

Numerous prospects for employees with impaired health

FMG possesses a great deal of expertise in the employment of employees with impaired health. In order to facilitate as normal an everyday working life as possible, a range of offers is provided: occupational integration management, the continued employment of employees whose abilities have changed, the recruitment of people with severe disabilities, and the training of young adults whose intellectual development must be supported. As at December 31, 2018, the Group employed 698 staff members with disabilities or equivalent limitations, corresponding to around seven percent of the total workforce.